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Anyone can fish for fun, but it takes a keen mind and a lot of patience to turn fishing skill into competitive prowess. When most people think of fishing, they imagine casting a line in a lazy river or a freshly grilled catch. This isn’t the case with Sport fishing. For sport fishermen, the thrill is in the chase and the rules are set ahead of time to prove who among them is the superior angler. The sport is about being able to find, fish up and successfully prove their skills over their targeted fish of choice to the judges.

Not Bad, Could Be Better

A fishing competition works like any other contest, but with more element of chance and preparation. Contestants are tasked with finding and fishing a particular kind of fish, then sent out to an area to do the deed. Sometimes they work in teams, others alone but the point is in being the first ones to return with their successful catch. The criteria for what makes a winning fish could easily be anything, from a target number of fish to a certain a variety or rarer species. That’s why doing their homework and coming up with the best baits and equipment for the fish their finding is an essential step for sport fishermen looking to get ahead.

Don’t be Koi Now

fish-hawaii imageIf people are interested in getting into Sports fishing, it’s important they know what they’re up against and what’s expected. It’s as much a test of patience as wits and even the best bait with the strongest fishing pole means nothing next to personal ability to focus and fish. Even when a fisherman has the skill, they also have to know when to cut the line. Fish are sensitive creatures and the instability of the environment means there are less prize winning fish being eaten and mounted as trophies and more being released. Still people can certainly do worse then getting out in nature, getting some recognition and being around people patient enough to fish cut aggressive enough to compete.

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