Are You Interested in Marlin Fishing in Oahu?

Find out more about fishing in HawaiiAre You Interested in Marlin Fishing in Oahu?
The Hawaiian Island Chain set in the Pacific Ocean and is a area renowned for its all year round sensational deep sea fishing.

For anyone interested in Marlin Fishing in Oahu there is possibly no better place on earth to try your hand at catching Marlin.

Oahu, Hawaii’s 3rd biggest island and home to the State Capital Honolulu. Oahu has even been perfectly named by the locals as “The Gathering Place”.

Pacific Blue, Black and Striped Marlin can be caught off the coasts of Oahu year round, although some locals maintain that September, October and November will give you an abundance of Marlin.
Oahu is famed for its deep-sea fishing and Marlin fishing is almost a national sport.

Hawaii has no set fishing season and the opportunity for you to catch the perfect Marlin purely depends on the weather conditions, water temperature, the winds and the tide.

The stunningly beautiful island of Oahu is the perfect place to indulge yourself and the deep sea fishing on Oahu is simply amazing and something that will give you an unforgettable fishing experience with some of the most beautiful views in the world.

Deep sea fishing in Hawaii gives you the opportunity not just to catch Marlin, you can see huge schools of majestic deep sea fish that you can not experience anywhere else in the world.

The local fisherman know the oceans patterns like the back of their hands and they will take you to the best possible locations to catch the biggest Marlin to be found on the day making your fishing trip unique to you.

They will tell you stories true, not true and unbelievable its all part of the experience.

On a fishing trip in Oahu you will combine the experience of deep sea fishing with the salt air of the sea, the fresh sea breezes and the balmy temperatures.

As the locals say “When the sun goes down the Heartbeat of Hawaii awakes to a new beat”.

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