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I was in Hawaii last week. I must say I’m pretty amazed about the beauty of the proud Oahu Pearl City. The beautiful people and the city itself fitted as the tray for my surfboard. And that was the main purpose of the first time visit to Oahu – it was freaking surfing dude!

While on the way to the shores, I and my wife passed by a guy selling fishing rods. Leonardo, his name, was selling us his stuff but we weren’t interested. Our sole objective was to ride the 10-feet, 4-kilometer wide liquid walls. Leonardo, however, was so deaf to our “No” and quite persistent in his Oahu deep sea fishing offer.

I will admit I got pissed off but since he is just making a living, I tried to understand. I finally asked the price of his fishing equipment. Amazingly, it was very affordable. I dropped my surfboard and asked him why he was selling his stuff when people go to Hawaii for the waves and not for some Hawaii deep sea fishing of some sort.

Apparently, I was being very egotistical and purely stupid. I never knew there are competitions all over the island that’s called sportfishing in Hawaii. Not only that, the price is astoundingly heavy. Couple of hundred dollars even reaching thousands according to Leonardo who was part of the Oahu charter fishing.

My better half insisted me to buy some quality equipment from Leonardo. That was the second time I agreed with my woman. The first one was to buy a surfboard for her. I wanted her to stop using mine. Anyway, we bought the equipment and the kind Leonardo even accompanied us to the Oahu deep sea fishing contest which was about to start in an hour.

So we joined the contest. It was more than a 30-mile trip offshore. I never went that far for a fishing adventure. At least, not when my wife’s around. Determined and flared up, we fished like those you see in Discovery Channel. Man, I was really feeling the passion in my blood like I was born for it.

Unfortunately, I and my wife lost to 41 other expert fishermen and women. But wait, I had a trophy the word “consolation prize” is underrated – a four-footer Marlin! Who knew a starter like me can catch a blue tuna? None. Not even my wife! Not even Leonardo who sold us heavy duty fishing equipment!

The marlins were released after we caught it and that ended our day. It was really astonishing.

By the way, the wife caught a 6-footer Marlin and couple of Mahi Mahi and I don’t want to care, thank you very much.

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