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Your zest for fishing is understood by many cities of America. If you are exceptionally fond of the Marlin fish breed and are even thinking of starting a business in it, then there are a number of destinations that you would be pleased to visit. Ranging from a wide variety of locations, you can find the marlin fish in a number of areas. The best destinations which people look forward to in their marlin fishing trips include the following places.

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1. Costa Rica – the pacific seems to be filled with the marlin fish and its types. With Costa Rica being situated alongside the pacific coast, you can find abundance in marlin fish along with several charters available at your service.
2. Guatemala – this place is largely popular for billfish. Its calm waters also contain a huge number of marlin and sailfish which you would love to capture.
3. The Sanctuary, Dominican Republic – with its lovely location filled with beautiful sunsets and wide waters, the Dominican Republic is most popular for the uncountable number of white and blue marlins available.
4. Oahu, Hawaii – of course this beach in Long Island is the perfect spot for marlin fishing. A large number of blue marlins visit this beach along with several other types of the same breed. The deep waters of the Oahu beach make it the perfect spot for fishing games and business for many charters.
To fish for marlin you must know the best details about what they eat and what their habits are. Researchers have found that marlins tend to eat whatever is in abundance in the local areas. They always tend to love tuna, lobsters, flying fish and nautilus.
If you are planning to establish a business of marlin fishing, then you must visit the above mentioned places to get the best amount of profits. Many say that marlin fishing is a dangerous business because these fish are often difficult to find from the commercial point of view. If you do not wish to waste your bucks unnecessarily then the specified spaces in the pacific will be the best options for you.
If you wish to target Marlin as the new prey of your fishing game, then try visiting the mentioned beaches. The game would cost you somewhere around $700 to $1000 for a day and would sure be one of the most memorable fishing experiences you’ve ever had.

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